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Evelyn Williams

The Fresh Minds program has really helped me to excel in areas that I once was not so confident in. It has enabled me to develop resilience, communication, organisation and management skills, alongside greater understanding and knowledge. It has really built up my confidence and has pushed me to learn that anything is possible with …

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Shreevani Jariwala

I loved the WonderShare Mockitt tutorial that Mr Singh gave us. The 3 hours were well spent as we used the software for our research project. Because of Fresh Minds, I now know how to programme, design a website (our blog) and prototype a mobile app! I learnt how to work well in a team …

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Esha Patel

It was good to work with STEM Ambassadors and to know their professional opinions on our projects as they always had various opinions and different possible problem suggestions that we could benefit from. STEM Sundays were very useful. The best part was when we learnt how to create a blog. That is something that was …

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Aliya Akhtar-Hassan

I found the STEM Ambassadors very helpful as I learned more about careers in certain fields. Their critical feedback benefited our research project as they gave useful advice which helped improve our project will hopefully get us awards like the Gold Crest Award. Fresh Minds has helped me to develop my research skills and with …

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Jacob Inchley

Working with STEM Ambassadors provided valuable experience regarding how the more advanced areas of their field of work applied to real life problems. I particularly enjoyed the WordPress session, because i feel that it was a valuable experience to learn how to create a blog and website which can display your project clearly and concisely. …

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