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Over the past 7 years, hundreds of students have worked to complete their STEM research project with our Programme Directors. At the end of the course, we survey our students. Here are just a few of the responses.

Antoni Krupa

Medicine, Oxford University

“Mrs Kaur have an infectious passion for science that has you wanting to learn about STEM, even when you don’t feel like it. She guided us through finding areas of STEM that interest us and was a constant source of support and inspiration."

David Bernstein

Medicine, Oxford University

“Skills developed in these sessions are the super-curricula skills universities and employers are looking for, and I would strongly advise anyone interested to get involved as I genuinely believe it had such a positive outcome for me as a person.”

Christopher Brown

Mathematics and Computer Science, Warwick University

“This project taught me invaluable skills in hardware-software interfacing, practical skills in soldering and lots of theoretical knowledge about RFID systems and circuit board architecture."

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