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Equipping students with the knowledge, skills and habits of mind to prepare for university.
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Magnus Anderson, Deputy Head (Academic) Leicester Grammar School

"We have been delighted with the progress our pupils have made during their time with Fresh Minds. Jas has worked with 30 of our most able Year 10s, helping them to develop knowledge and skills that would be hard to fit into a normal academic curriculum. The pupils have enjoyed the process and are better informed and more confident as a result. This has provided a perfect springboard for our Year 10 pupils, and I expect to see more benefits as these pupils move through Year 11 and especially when they reach Sixth Form."

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Duncan Byrne, Head Master Loughborough Grammar School

“Over more than a decade working with Loughborough Grammar School pupils, Daljit has had a transformational effect on the development of dozens of students through her leadership of STEM competitions. She is an expert facilitator who has created the ideal environment in which students can explore their innovative ideas and learn to understand that failure is part of the creative process before these ideas can become reality. Daljit manages to harness students’ inner creativity by listening, probing and, most importantly, by giving them the confidence that their ideas are achievable. As a result, she has supported several teams to success in the national TeenTech competition, as well as mentoring the overall winners of the Big Bang Competition in both 2017 and 2019. I am so pleased that, despite having moved on from LGS to undertake a regional STEM education leadership role, she continues to lead our provision through her STEM Sundays.”

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Join our team for a one-hour information session. We will explore and discuss our 'Fresh Minds' Programme of study in detail, answer any questions you may have and show you why you should choose 'Fresh Minds'.

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Every year the competition for university places becomes more and more challenging with top students from all over the world competing for acceptance in leading UK universities. Universities are increasingly looking for students that can demonstrate clear ambition and genuine enthusiasm for their chosen subject.

Super-Curricular Brochure

The best universities in the world place a great emphasis on the importance of self-study
and development, this course helps students learn more about how best to research and
develop their academic interests further. In order to get into their first-choice university,
applicants must tell a compelling, clear yet concise story. The ‘Fresh Minds’ experience
helps bring a student’s application to life.

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About this programme

What we offer

NXT Gen Innovators ‘Fresh Minds’ is a programme of study for students aged 14-17 which develops skills and subject knowledge in preparation for university and beyond. Students work through a series of modules with advance academic content developing expertise which is encompassed in a STEM research project. This helps develop a set of transferable skills including critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and supporting students who need to sit any additional admissions tests for University (such as the BMAT, UCAT, LNAT or any of the Oxbridge assessments). With many Russell Group universities announcing that they will be increasingly calling pupils to interview and placing a greater emphasis on these interviews, these skills are invaluable.

This programme has been designed to prepare students to be forward-thinking and develop the 10 skills identified by Harvard University which are essential for potential careers in the next 10 years. Students are given a unique introduction to advance academic content that is challenging and stimulating regardless of their academic ability.

Discover more about the 'Fresh Minds' course

Watch this short video to learn more about our unique programme of study which provides students with the knowledge, skills and habits of mind for university and beyond.

Why choose us?

Online Education that sets you apart

Every session is delivered via the Microsoft Teams education platform – which offers all students a wide range of teaching functionality including; video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, breakout rooms, text chat, polls, quizzes and other custom apps within the Microsoft Office of applications. Students are able to instantly connect and receive tuition from the comfort of their own home.

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What Will Students Achieve?

This course has been designed to develop the skills and knowledge to apply successfully to competitive universities. It prepares students to excel at these universities and to make a smooth transition into working in those demanding academic environments while encouraging intellectual risk-taking and life-long learning. Upon completion of the ‘Fresh Minds’ programme of study, each student is able to include the following achievements in their UCAS Application:

A measurable improvement in GCSE Results

The CREST Awards scheme is the only nationally recognised accreditation scheme for STEM project work for 5–19-year-olds. Our STEM Research project will earn each student accreditation of the GOLD CREST Award as they carry out cutting edge research in collaboration with academics and businesses.

'Fresh Minds' Programme of Study

Finding Your Voice
- Creativity & Originality
- Leadership
12 Sessions
STEM Research Project
- Analytical Thinking & Innovation
- Emotional Intelligence
- Reasoning & Problem Solving
18 Sessions
UX & Mobile Application Design
- Active Learning
- Creativity & Originality
6 Sessions

Fresh Minds Course Brochure

Our course

View the Fresh Minds Course Brochure.

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