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Over the past 7 years, hundreds of students have worked to complete their STEM research projects with our Programme Directors. At the end of the course, we asked them some questions. Here are just a few of the responses.

What Senior Leaders Think

Magnus Anderson

Deputy Head (Academic) Leicster Grammar School

"We have been delighted with the progress our pupils have made during their time with Fresh Minds. Jas has worked with 30 of our most able Year 10s, helping them to develop knowledge and skills that would be hard to fit into a normal academic curriculum. The pupils have enjoyed the process and are better informed and more confident as a result. This has provided a perfect springboard for our Year 10 pupils, and I expect to see more benefits as these pupils move through Year 11 and especially when they reach Sixth Form."

Duncan Byrne

Head Master Loughborough Grammar School

“Over more than a decade working with Loughborough Grammar School pupils, Daljit has had a transformational effect on the development of dozens of students through her leadership of STEM competitions. She is an expert facilitator who has created the ideal environment in which students can explore their innovative ideas and learn to understand that failure is part of the creative process before these ideas can become reality. Daljit manages to harness students’ inner creativity by listening, probing and, most importantly, by giving them the confidence that their ideas are achievable"

Hear from Our Alumni

Antoni Krupa

Medicine, Oxford University

“Mrs Kaur has an infectious passion for science that has you wanting to learn about STEM, even when you don’t feel like it. She guided us through finding areas of STEM that interest us and was a constant source of support and inspiration."

David Bernstein

Medicine, Oxford University

“Skills developed in these sessions are the super-curricula skills universities and employers are looking for, and I would strongly advise anyone interested to get involved as I genuinely believe it had such a positive outcome for me as a person.”

Christopher Brown

Mathematics and Computer Science, Warwick University

“This project taught me invaluable skills in hardware-software interfacing, practical skills in soldering and lots of theoretical knowledge about RFID systems and circuit board architecture."

Hear from our students

I chose to join the Fresh Minds programme because I wanted to improve on certain skills such as public speaking. I also want to talk about the fresh minds journey on my personal statement and I want to achieve a Gold Crest Award. So far i have most enjoyed speaking and getting to know my team as well as researching project ideas. I have also found the weekly seminars and recordings very helpful if i ever miss a session or want to reinforce my learning.


The Fresh Minds course sounded interesting, and it was a unique opportunity. It offers transferrable skills which I can use later in life. I liked the idea of creating a STEM based project to solve problems, I found this process really fun. I have enjoyed learning how to become more noticed by a university and a future job. I have also enjoyed working as a team. I find it helpful knowing that I have many opportunities to ask for help. 


Fresh Minds allows me to develop Digital skills as well as team working/presenting skills. It also offered transferrable skills to my dream job (an architect). The course went in much more depth than a typical school course which I found beneficial. The course allowed me to gain skills and knowledge from areas which really interested me. 


By doing the Fresh minds I have gained many skills and qualifications which will massively benefit me throughout my life. It allowed me to study a subject that I found interesting which was fun and interesting for me. My Favourite part so far is generating my own ideas then finally coming up with a good one. The course allowed me to be more creative especially when coming up with an innovation idea. 


Fresh Minds offers skills that can aid my future career, e.g., CV and personal statement writing. Furthermore, I have an interest in computing, so I thought that my project could be based around that allowing me to further develop my skills. I enjoyed small group work and trying to come up with new ideas, the course allows you to be more creative. I found the recordings very helpful being able to go back and catch up on anything you miss. Scheduling appointments is also quite


I want to try and become more creative by generating ideas and coming up with solutions for problems, Fresh Minds helped me think more critically and more creatively. I’ve really enjoyed the collaborative aspect and researching different projects that I could potentially do. It was interesting to see all the different projects we could pursue. What I found most helpful was that it was easy to catch up in appointments and join sessions as the links are all in discord


I choose the Fresh Minds program because I wanted to create an innovation and the course allowed me to be able to generate my own ideas. I was really interested in creating an idea on aviation. The part I enjoyed the most is collaborating with others on a project. Being able to work with my friends and others was a fun experience for me.  


The Fresh Minds course intrigued me and i have an interest with partaking in competitions with my friends. I really enjoyed generating ideas with my team, it was fun to be able to work on this with others. I found the learning process very good and there are many measures available to catch up on work and go through work in detail, which I found very helpful.   


I chose to do the Fresh Minds programme of study because when it was introduced to us in assembly it sounded really promising and we were told that doing Fresh Minds increases the likeliness of getting all 9s in your GCSEs. Also, I did Fresh Minds to become more confident, the course allowed me to get out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed the informative lessons that have taught us the skills that we need to come up with our own innovative idea. 


The Fresh Minds program was interesting to me because it covered areas of STEM that are interesting to me. such as Astrophysics, Automotive Engineering and Aerospace Engineering to name a few, I want to develop my pathway into the space and technology world. I would like to talk about my Fresh Minds journey on my personal statement for university and jobs as the skills I have learned will really benefit me. I would also like to achieve the Gold Crest Awards also for this purpose.


I joined the Fresh Minds programme because I want to learn how to go through the process of making a product to help my business. Some of the things I have really enjoyed are working on a project along side my friends. It was very insightful to see some of the research projects from other students to, as they can show you things you wouldn’t have thought of.


I joined the Fresh Minds programme because It is a stem based course that can give me opportunities to interact with university’s giving me a better choice to join them. I really enjoy being able to create and develop a research project with my friends. It is easy to book appointments with the programme director and the weekly seminars are good


I joined the Fresh Minds programme because it is a stem course, and i want to go into medicine so it is a great opportunity to conduct research on my favourite topics and learn more about different topics and fields. It also looks good to have a gold crest award on your cv, which looks admirable to other universities. It has been fun to be in a group with my friends and have a chance to think of innovative ideas which can help to change


I took part in the Fresh Minds project because it offers employability skills and a gold crest award which will look good on my CV. I also really enjoy developing and creating ideas while challenging my mind. I have enjoyed listening to feedback of other STEM professionals as it is very useful. I also like listening to other people’s ideas to develop my own. Scheduling appointments has been useful as all my team members can‘t make it on the same day, it is also good


I choose to take part in the Fresh Minds programme so I could broaden my knowledge and interest in STEM based subjects. I want to pursue medicine in the future, and I have already learnt so many new things from the Fresh Minds programme. I have really enjoyed brain storming ideas for my research project and working to develop these ideas. The learning process is very helpful with the weekly seminars and recorded lessons.


I joined the Fresh Minds programme because i want to go to a top university, preferably Oxford University. I hope that talking about Fresh Minds on my personal statement will get me a place. I also need some inspiration to decide what career path to go down. I really enjoy talking about current affairs at the beginning of the lesson. I also think that I receive really useful tips, in regard to writing CV’s and personal statements, that I probably wouldn’t have heard anywhere else.


I joined the Fresh Minds programme because I wanted to achieve a gold crest award and to gain useful skills. I have really enjoyed the seminars about innovation and how one idea can change the world. The learning process has been very informative. The recorded seminars are very useful to be able to catch up and stay up to date with work.


I joined the Fresh Minds program to further my knowledge of STEM disciplines. I really enjoy working on STEM focuses activities, as I believe they will benefit me in the future as I develop my digital understanding and programming skills. I have really enjoyed learning about innovation and seeing people’s innovations. I have also enjoyed learning more about universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. I really enjoyed the learning process. I feel the online seminars give me the skills I need to prepare and develop


I joined the Fresh Mind program because I wanted to challenge myself and take part in a project. I have really enjoyed Learning about innovation and the program is helping me think creatively. I have particularly enjoyed hearing different people speaking about their journeys and how they can innovate. The learning process is really good, and the recordings have helped me catch up with any sessions I may have missed or needed some extra work.  


I joined the fresh minds program want there to be something substantial on my cv that will give me an edge to thousands of other students. I also wanted to expand my knowledge and create an invention that could, possibly, in the future help others. II am very interested in STEM subjects and hope this will be an enlightening new experience for me. I have enjoyed looking at the different ways of innovating and how sometimes things that created a huge impact to the world


I enrolled on the fresh minds program because it involves a subject which I want to pursue at A-level and university. I have really enjoyed the informal and friendly nature of the program while getting to know and meeting new people. I found the recorded sessions very helpful, in the event that I miss a session I can re watch it, so I am not falling behind.


I enrolled on the Fresh Minds program because I wanted to challenge myself and work with top class universities. I have really enjoyed working in teams and brainstorming project ideas with the other students. The learning process was very helpful, and the layout was clear to understand.


I was offered a place on the Fresh Minds programme through my school, and I hope it improves my skills over a wide variety of topics and areas which will help me in my future. The aspects of the course that I have enjoyed so far are engaging with other students from other schools and hearing their ideas and creativity. I found the learning process eventful, not stressful like school but not lazy enough to put me off work. A good balance.


I chose to enrol on the Fresh Minds program because I want to expand my knowledge, career, CV, and learn how to learn. I have personally really enjoyed learning about personal networks and meeting everyone. I found the recordings extremely helpful, especially the additional sessions over half term. One of the things is enjoyed the most is the assembly’s given to use by the programme directors.


I chose the Fresh Minds was because I wanted to learn different life skills, try to understand how to approach problems in a different way and try to be innovative to think of ideas. The course sounds very interesting and offers transferrable skills. I also wanted to try and push myself even further and the Fresh Minds course offered me that challenge. I have really enjoyed the idea generating sessions because I had to try and be more innovative and think outside the box to


The STEM Ambassador sessions were very useful in gaining first impressions for our project from professionals in a range of different professions. Having the perspective and ideas of multiple people who all think from different viewpoints in relation to their educational background allowed us to explore solutions for different parts of our project at an early stage. The Sunday Sessions were very useful. I did think a few times the pace was slower then it could’ve been in the beginning, although in hindsight this was


The Fresh Minds program has really helped me to excel in areas that I once was not so confident in. It has enabled me to develop resilience, communication, organisation and management skills, alongside greater understanding and knowledge. It has really built up my confidence and has pushed me to learn that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. This program has offered brilliant opportunities to enter national and international competitions and to develop an innovative project with the help of experts in certain fields


One of the STEM ambassadors had a degree which I wanted too, so them sharing their journey on how they achieved their degree and where it took them, really helped me get a better grasp of what I want out of my future. Through the Fresh Minds club, I now understand the importance of having a dedicated and interactive team, as this is critical to succeed in the research project.


I loved the WonderShare Mockitt tutorial that Mr Singh gave us. The 3 hours were well spent as we used the software for our research project. Because of Fresh Minds, I now know how to programme, design a website (our blog) and prototype a mobile app! I learnt how to work well in a team for an entire year!  With over 70 hours spent on research project. Previously, I never knew just how easy it was to get in contact with experts in any field


It was good to work with STEM Ambassadors and to know their professional opinions on our projects as they always had various opinions and different possible problem suggestions that we could benefit from. STEM Sundays were very useful. The best part was when we learnt how to create a blog. That is something that was beneficial  to us for the future and is a good skill to have! I have benefited from Fresh Minds as I have learnt how to research into one subject in


Working with STEM Ambassadors was very inspiring. They gave me inspiration to pursue my dreams. I enjoyed the blog creation session in particular, creating my WordPress blog for my future career aspirations. It was fun to design the blog and undertake research to discover more about my chosen field. As a result of Fresh Minds, I have improved my research skills and teamwork skills in particular, learning to manage my time and write efficiently and with clarity. It has also widened my knowledge base around


By interacting with STEM ambassadors, I learned more about careers in certain fields plus they really benefitted in giving critical feedback to our project. Despite the lengthy sessions, the STEM Sunday sessions were helpful as we were able to interact with ambassadors without being constrained by a short time limit. I have learnt how to reach out to professionals and research basic engineering skills. Fresh Minds has helped to broaden my perception on engineering and science. It has helped me learn more about opportunities within


I found the STEM Ambassadors very helpful as I learned more about careers in certain fields. Their critical feedback benefited our research project as they gave useful advice which helped improve our project will hopefully get us awards like the Gold Crest Award. Fresh Minds has helped me to develop my research skills and with my technical writing for a research paper. I feel more knowledgeable about job aspects as it has given me opportunities and future ideas. I have enjoyed competing in the Teen


I really enjoyed hearing from the younger STEM ambassadors in particular during the STEM Sundays. Learning how to create a blog was very enjoyable. Fresh Minds has helped me to gain a lot of knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and how machine learning works. I would recommend Fresh Minds to any student as it helps gain knowledge on a variety of skills and develop new skills in problem solving. During the course, it was really enjoyable and interesting to talk to people who are so passionate


Working with STEM Ambassadors provided valuable experience regarding how the more advanced areas of their field of work applied to real life problems. I particularly enjoyed the WordPress session, because i feel that it was a valuable experience to learn how to create a blog and website which can display your project clearly and concisely. Through Fresh Minds, I have learnt how to work in a team much better and  discovered the benefits of working with universities and businesses. Several opportunities were offered by the


STEM Sundays motivated and inspired me to research and learn more. Fresh Minds has given me many opportunities and I look forward to the upcoming challenges. It has helped me to raise my aspirations, by having others that are working hard around you, it has helped to motivate me to achieve too. I would recommend Fresh Minds to any student who is considering competing in a competition as it helps guide through the process and producing a winning entry. I have really enjoyed being around


I found the working with the stem ambassadors inspirational and informative. Fresh Minds has helped my teamwork and organisational skills by giving me an opportunity to work with friends to develop project skills for my future.


a few schools where our students study

Gartree School
Brighton College
Bristol Grammar School
Woodford County High School
Thomas Clarkson Academy
Radley College
Pates Grammar School
Net School Online
Loughborough High School
Loughborough Grammar School
Leicester Grammar School
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Wisbech Grammar School
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