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David Bernstein

Oxford University

STEM projects allowed me to meet students across the country and see the amazing creations which all of them were capable of, which not only impressed me, but gave me the drive to aim higher. Before, I did not feel like I would ever be considered for a spot at top universities, but the confidence I developed in my time at competitions, due to the skills I cultivated, allowed me to secure a place at Oxford.

The number of opportunities STEM projects offered me cannot be understated, I have been to both national and international competitions, had regional and national radio and television interviews, and presenting at the Royal Society of Medicine.

Additionally, it gave me access to a kind and very active community that I am incredibly proud to be a part of, and in the past has helped me with unique advice and experiences. Also, due to my time at numerous conventions, I managed to secure work experience in labs and other environments which are often very hard to come by, as I was meeting people in the companies.

It was also an honour to be asked to come back in further years and aid with the judging, which I found to be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Networking is another skill, which I was not even aware of, which has allowed me to get work experience and career advice at various times which I continue to find to be very helpful. Media skills are something that I had no experience in, it may not seem relevant, but I believe it boosted my interview performance.

Weekly lessons are essential for building up skills to become a complete applicant, as they often take time to develop and work on. This format of work aids the development of independent critical thinking and creativity, with helping hands along the way to ensure that you reach your goal. Working with teams and managing deadlines developed my ability to work in a team, and the emotional intelligence gained from relating to others and becoming closer friends with your teammates is a highlight. Skills developed in these sessions are the super-curricula skills universities and employers are looking for, and I would strongly advise anyone interested to get involved as I genuinely believe it has had such a positive outcome for me as a person.

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