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About Exelegrade

Excelegrade is an essay marking website that would ask and mark long answer exam practice questions for GCSE and A-Level students to aid them with their exam revision.   This website would work by using complex artificial intelligence such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to ensure it can work to the best possible standard. Students  worked with many industry experts from researchers at the University of Cambridge to the CEO of the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation to come up with the best possible approach to program the software behind ‘Excelegrade’ so that it is easy, quick and as accurate as possible.

How it works

Excelegrade is an essay marking website to help practice questions. The website also has a grammar checking aspect to grade grammar, spelling, colloquialisms, fluency and more. This would ensure the answer is clear and grammatically correct, which can be important in contexts where extra marks are awarded for these things. This will heavily rely upon the natural language processing artificial intelligence within the automated essay scoring section of artificial intelligence to interpret sentence meaning


  • National Winners of Education Category, TeenTech 2021

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