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Smart Tendon Boots


About Smart Tendon Boots

 ‘Smart Tendon Boots’- tendon boots for elite show jumping horses that can measure the acceleration of a horse landing after a jump, and then use this data to calculate the amount of force that is being exerted on the horse’s legs and whether this amount will be acceptable. It will feed this data back, in real time, to a smart phone/ smart watch, alerting the rider if the horse’s forelegs had experienced an excessive amount of force.

How it works

This product works by having the acceleration of the jump measured by a Micro-Electromechanical System (MEMS) Accelerometer. This device takes a sample of the acceleration every millisecond. Then it calculates a rolling average over a 0.2 second interval, i.e. the duration of a horse’s landing as reported in the literature. Prior to riding the horse, the rider will be asked to insert the horse’s weight, breed and height as well as the weight of the tack and rider into the app.

The actual force acting upon the horse’s legs will be calculated by the smart device, using the simple equation: Force= Mass*Acceleration

The result of the force calculation will be used by the app and reported to the rider, so that the rider can stop their horse and prevent further injury. By having a wearable such as the Smart Tendon Boot, elite show jumping riders will know when it is safe for a horse to work and when the horse requires a period of rest.


  • The BAE Systems Advancement In Technology Award​
  • National Winners Of Wearable Technology, TeenTech 2021​
  • Overall Winners Of Online Russian Forum 2021​

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