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Tooth Doctor


About Tooth Doctor

Students designed an electric toothbrush, adapted for the use of children, equipped with special functions to eradicate oral complications. This toothbrush, ToothDoctor, utilises QLF (Quantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence) technology to detect the presence of plaque and cavities.

How it works

In order to actually incorporate the multiple different technologies in Tooth Doctor so that they are practical and feasible, we had to consider how we would have to adapt the design of an electric toothbrush to cater for the extra features. To begin with, we contacted members of toothbrush manufacturing companies such as Colgate and Oral-B, which was to no avail as they did not reply with information which could help us in our design. Undeterred, we continued to search the internet for any other information we could find which could aid us in the development. 

The first aspect of the design which we had to consider was the toothbrush head – likely the most complex part of the design due to the multiple different features which we needed to fit inside. Firstly, we looked to include the QLF LED lights and camera in the area. After consultation with QLF inventors and experts at Inspektor Research Systems (a Dutch company), we gained valuable information about some of the requirements of a QLF system and camera; since it is only a system of emitting and reflecting light, it is not damaging to children in any way, which was an issue with previous x-ray systems of plaque detection.


  •  TeenTech 2021

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