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Equipping students with the knowledge, skills and habits of mind to prepare for university.

Working with STEM Ambassadors provided valuable experience regarding how the more advanced areas of their field of work applied to real life problems. I particularly enjoyed the WordPress session, because i feel that it was a valuable experience to learn how to create a blog and website which can display your project clearly and concisely. Through Fresh Minds, I have learnt how to work in a team much better and  discovered the benefits of working with universities and businesses. Several opportunities were offered by the professionals that we met with including networking with other businesses. Fresh Minds has inspired me to attempt more things, because they are more achievable than they may appear at first. I would recommend Fresh Minds to any student as it helps to develop more realistic skills that will be useful for later experiences and opportunities such as STEM careers or building a product. I have really enjoyed the teamwork and interaction with people who think similarly.

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