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Equipping students with the knowledge, skills and habits of mind to prepare for university.

I joined the Fresh Minds programme because it is a stem course, and i want to go into medicine so it is a great opportunity to conduct research on my favourite topics and learn more about different topics and fields. It also looks good to have a gold crest award on your cv, which looks admirable to other universities. It has been fun to be in a group with my friends and have a chance to think of innovative ideas which can help to change the way we do things in our world, and particularly thinking how to make things more efficient. I haven’t missed a lesson, but I’m sure I’d watch the recordings if I’d missed something, or maybe just ask my group what was covered. I don’t know if we have had any Saturday sessions but I haven’t attended any extra sessions as I often don’t get notified on the sessions. Scheduling appointments with Mr Singh is very easy.

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