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I loved the WonderShare Mockitt tutorial that Mr Singh gave us. The 3 hours were well spent as we used the software for our research project. Because of Fresh Minds, I now know how to programme, design a website (our blog) and prototype a mobile app! I learnt how to work well in a team for an entire year!  With over 70 hours spent on research project. Previously, I never knew just how easy it was to get in contact with experts in any field across the world, and set up video-chats with them. Throughout our project, we contacted 12 professionals, who aided us in our ambitions and helped us develop our ideas, as well as sharing their experience. Also, now I look at the world in a different way- I am constantly scrutinising products and ideas for a way to improve them, sometimes even jotting down ideas for future projects! Due to weekly sessions, we constantly improve our critical thinking and problem solving skills, as they are frequently reinforced and utilised. I love that I now have a different perspective on the world, and constantly seek to improve other projects and come up with new ideas to better the world.

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