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About S.P.A.R

Anime is a Japanese computer generated animation that is completely hand drawn. We have used an idea from an anime episode where they use a medicuboid (a V.R headset) to let a character called Yuuki Asuna go to school. Yuuki is terminally ill and has never been able to go to school. The main character, Kazuto Kirigaya, creates a camera that can turn along with the movements of her head.

We know that there are many children in the UK that are hospitalised for many weeks and months and miss a great deal of school. Appreciating how lucky we were to have good health and to enjoy a full an active life, we wanted to explore if we could create something for those less fortunate and so project S.P.A.R. was born.

How it works

Students used Unity software to create a virtual classroom environment. They then used 360 degree cameras the take real world information from the classroom and add this into the virtual world. This allows for students who are not able to join in the classroom for various different reason, to interact and join in with other students and their teachers.



What Our Students Think

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