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Ammar Nurgat

I chose to join the Fresh Minds programme because I wanted to improve on certain skills such as public speaking. I also want to talk about the fresh minds journey on my personal statement and I want to achieve a Gold Crest Award. So far i have most enjoyed speaking and getting to know my …

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Rushil Patel

The Fresh Minds course sounded interesting, and it was a unique opportunity. It offers transferrable skills which I can use later in life. I liked the idea of creating a STEM based project to solve problems, I found this process really fun. I have enjoyed learning how to become more noticed by a university and …

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Nandini Waghela

Fresh Minds allows me to develop Digital skills as well as team working/presenting skills. It also offered transferrable skills to my dream job (an architect). The course went in much more depth than a typical school course which I found beneficial. The course allowed me to gain skills and knowledge from areas which really interested …

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Joey England

By doing the Fresh minds I have gained many skills and qualifications which will massively benefit me throughout my life. It allowed me to study a subject that I found interesting which was fun and interesting for me. My Favourite part so far is generating my own ideas then finally coming up with a good …

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Fresh Minds offers skills that can aid my future career, e.g., CV and personal statement writing. Furthermore, I have an interest in computing, so I thought that my project could be based around that allowing me to further develop my skills. I enjoyed small group work and trying to come up with new ideas, the …

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Sophie Henson

I want to try and become more creative by generating ideas and coming up with solutions for problems, Fresh Minds helped me think more critically and more creatively. I’ve really enjoyed the collaborative aspect and researching different projects that I could potentially do. It was interesting to see all the different projects we could pursue. …

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Manmehar Dhindsa

I choose the Fresh Minds program because I wanted to create an innovation and the course allowed me to be able to generate my own ideas. I was really interested in creating an idea on aviation. The part I enjoyed the most is collaborating with others on a project. Being able to work with my …

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Rishabh Karwal

The Fresh Minds course intrigued me and i have an interest with partaking in competitions with my friends. I really enjoyed generating ideas with my team, it was fun to be able to work on this with others. I found the learning process very good and there are many measures available to catch up on …

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Anjal Parizad

I chose to do the Fresh Minds programme of study because when it was introduced to us in assembly it sounded really promising and we were told that doing Fresh Minds increases the likeliness of getting all 9s in your GCSEs. Also, I did Fresh Minds to become more confident, the course allowed me to …

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Hamad Anwar

The Fresh Minds program was interesting to me because it covered areas of STEM that are interesting to me. such as Astrophysics, Automotive Engineering and Aerospace Engineering to name a few, I want to develop my pathway into the space and technology world. I would like to talk about my Fresh Minds journey on my …

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